Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baking...or Making Some Diaper Cakes

Last night me and a few friends made some diaper cakes for the Pregnancy Counseling Center (Riverside Life Services).

So, Jamie and Natalie came over and we spent two hours making 10 of these little cake guys.

RLS gives free pregnancy tests. When a women gets a positive on her test, they give her a diaper cake. This is a fun way to help her get excited about her pregnancy. We put lots of little things in the cakes like baby lotions and shampoo, bottles, pacifiers, bibs, and little toys. We are creative with the composition and ribbons. We wrap it all up in some tulle so it stays together and looks pretty.

Us girls decided that it is actually pretty relaxing and fun to sit and put these little gifts together. We felt calm and chill when we we're done.

Here are a few close ups. These are Jamie and Natalie's creations.

We will probably try to make more every few weeks or once a month. I guess we will make them whenever the supply is low.

 Let me know if anyone sees a good sale on small size baby shampoo, lotion, or powder, diapers, bottles or pacifiers. Tell me were the good deals are or cut some good coupons. You can also purchase a couple things here and there and send them my way for the cakes, if you want :)


Marlene Steed said...

That is a very cute idea. I am sure that it was a lot of fun to make and for a good cause. I especially like that turtle one.

inquisitivesensitive said...

Thank you so much for volunteering in this much needed area :)

I LOVE those little cakes... I might need to make them for a baby shower gift :D

~Heather Head (Nick from Lewistech's wife)

Cyndi said...

Lindy, I'm so proud of you and your commitment to such an important cause. I'll start picking up those "cake decorations" wherever I see them.

HeatherC said...

Lindy, I think you are incredible. I will most definitely keep my eyes open for some good Q's!