Friday, December 11, 2009

Titus Likes To Skype

On Thanksgiving we were at Justin's parents house. We skyped with Heather and Cambry because they live in Connecticut. Titus really enjoyed skyping with his aunt and uncle. He kept reaching out to touch their faces.

It's cold so we're bringing out T's hats. I love this one. It used to be Justin's.

Titus got to hang out with his great Godmother, Claudia, all Thanksgiving weekend. He loved her so much he would just fall asleep on her a bunch.

Another Thanksgiving highlight was the time that Titus spent with Gramps. Gramps has had Alzheimer's for many years now. His words are limited and sometimes confused. When Titus hangs out with him his face gets bright and joyful. Gramps' agenda then becomes to entertain his great grand boy. He makes faces at Titus and funny noises. He says cute and funny phrases to him. Gramps just loves this boy. This picture shows one of the funny faces he would make.

Justin and I got to got see the Festival of Lights downtown at the Mission Inn. It was fun and cold. Most of Riverside goes to see the lights that night. I think there was like 20,000 peeps there that night. At least that is the rumor. Doesn't my husband have great eyebrows?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Photo Booth

Yeah, sometimes me and T ty have some down time together. We like to look at ourselves on photo booth...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Took A Stroll

I took Titus on a walk to my mom's house which is about a 15 min walk away. On the way there, I walked down Palm Ave with no sidewalk. Although it is the shortest distance... It is not fun to push a stroller in the gutter and have cars driving pretty close to you. When I got to my mom's house, I called the city and requested a side walk be put in on that street. They took my request and told me to call them back in 10 or 15 days to see the progress on it. I was happy they seemed like they cared even though I know a sidewalk isn't going to appear there overnight. (If anyone else cares to request a sidewalk on Palm between the streets of Beechwood Pl and Maplewood Pl approximately, you can call 951-826-5311). Palm does have room for a sidewalk and I am only requesting for it to be on at least one side of the road.

On the way back to my house I walked the longer way and took Brockton which is parallel to Palm, but it has a sidewalk. It was a lovely walk and the weather was perfect.

Here is Titus' view.

Love that silhouette.

And it's as if the walk was meant to end where we live. The sidewalk disappears after you pass our house. You can ignore the dead grass. That's not so lovely.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Disneyland and Raccoons

There were Raccoons in the street when we got home from D land. It's always exciting to see raccoons around the neighborhood. Usually they are running along the gutter, climbing a tree, or running for cover in a storm drain. Wood Streets are home to many raccoons and you can tell by the official "Raccoon Crossing" sign that is displayed a few streets away at a blind turn.

Justin and I thought it was cool to see the raccoons. There were four of them which is crazy. We parked on the street in front of our house because our driveway is being repaired by the city. The raccoons were close so justin tried to shoo them away before I got out. The raccoons wouldn't shoo so I stayed in the car. Justin got a flashlight and tried to scare them, but he resorted to the hose. Meanwhile the raccoons were hanging out by the car with me inside. They were right outside the door and we even have their muddy paw prints on the bumper of the car. The hose seemed to work, but not as well as you would expect. They still were trying to get past the spraying water to get close to us. Weird. So, two trips later with the baby and baby gear, we were inside safe from the determined raccoons.

It was actually funny to see the shock on Justin's face as the raccoons tried to charge past the shooting water

Here are two bad picture of the raccoons. There were four of them. You can see some glowing eyes. The blurry one has 3 sets of glowing eyes. Has anyone else had a raccoon experience like this?

Although the raccoons got crazy that night, we sure had a great time at D land! Here are some pic of us hanging out.

Titus hung out in the Moby.

Justin and Titus just wouldn't look at the camera!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Wild Things

Halloween began with my nephew's Halloween parade. He does it every year at his preschool. Casey and I used to be in these parades when we were at this preschool too. So, Caleb is Luke Skywalker. He is just so cute!

Titus decided to dress up for the parade too. Too bad this October has been mostly 90 degrees. It was a little hot for his fuzzy Max costume. We stayed in the shade.

Later that night we went to Sandals Church Trunk n Treat. Justin made sure to go all out on him and Titus' costumes. He wanted them to be Carol and Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

The Costumes turned out soo cute. Justin's mom is awesome because she made it happen! Look how little Titus looks next to the big monster.

Here I am with them. I just dressed up like Max's mom from the movie.... or I kinda didn't have a costume. I was ok with that. My first year without a costume. It was actually nice to not have to worry about getting ready. I just got my boys ready.

Our friends, The Kowalski's, have a little boy too. Here are the dad's and their coordinating babies.

Titus had fun at Trunk n Treat. He didn't get much candy... I think it's because he can't say "Trick or Treat" yet.

Here is grandma CeCe. She is the amazing costume maker.

Papa Ron got to hold a sleeping Max during his nap.

Halloween was fun!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Three Little Bears

The three little bears go to Oak Glen.

We decided to show Titus all the great things about Fall. Oak Glen has got to be the most iconic place to celebrate Fall if you live in the Riverside/ San Bernardino county areas. Titus also became a fan of this place.

Titus had his bear jacket on and we made sure he got to hang out with all the bears that happened to be there.

We went to the petting zoo. There was a whole group of piglets. These piglets were so cute I couldn't believe it. I let them sniff my fingers. Their noses felt like little dirty suction cups.

What adorable little pig faces. I love their eyelashes.

As much a I love piglets... they don't stay piglets. They get big and fat and scary. I was glad these pigs were asleep. There was no fence between these pigs and us. If they were awake, I'm not sure if I would have been in that area. Someone's feeding these pigs too much corn!!

Another precious moment was seeing these little baby goats. Mmmmm. Sweet little snugglers.

Here is our own little bear with the pumpkins and hay. The cutest bear I've ever seen.

They are just very cautious of any bear at Oak Glen.

Papa bear and baby bear.

We stopped by the restaurant for an apple dumpling and hot cider. That's one big dumpling!! It's pretty much a whole peeled and cored apple filled with spices and baked in pastry dough. Tastey.

We took care of it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

How can you say no to...

How can you say no to this double chin? Seriously. It's precious.

And if just his second chin is this cute... His eyes and cheeks have got to be even cuter. Yep. They pretty much are.

I'm not even going to mention his smile, his hair styles, his laugh, his squishy belly, and his butt cheeks. I will not expand on those incredibly cute topics.

I think it's obvious by the cuteness of just his chin that you can't ever be mad at a little face like this. It's impossible.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Project in the Third Bedroom!

Justin and I have a third bedroom. It looks like this.

Another angle.

So, we have an excuse. We moved into our house 2 weeks before Titus came. If our house was going to look functional and clean at all we would have to put everything that didn't have a place yet in this room. It has been a lifesaver these past few months, but now it's time to move on. Justin needs an office and I need to find a few things that are currently "Lost". I think I'm going to have to start out little by little. I'm still learning how to accomplish household goals with Titus and his needs and all.

There are a few things I'm hoping to find in this room. I have a cork bulletin board and some pretty beach towels that I haven't seen since the move in January 2009. Also, most importantly, I can't find our Canon Rebel camera and it's power cord. That has been the most disappointing thing to not have. I am a picture person and I can't even take quality pictures of our own adorable kid.

My goal is to find my lost items and make that room cozy and organized for my husband. I'll let you know when it's done. Hopefully soon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Point and Shoot Shoot

This weekend we went to the wedding of Hilary and Josh Dildine. Hilary is our sister-in-law's sister. The wedding was completely adorable. It had a very vintage feeling. I loved discovering all their great ideas for this very wildflower wedding. Many things were handmade and the atmosphere reminded me of the sweet wedding in the movie The Village... minus the dancing scenes. It also had a couple of thrills. One of the bridesmaids passed out in the heat. Soon after followed a couple Ranger vehicles, Fire truck and Ambulance all arriving during the vows. Memorable.

Justin's brother, Cambry, got to have some bonding time with his nephew. What a cute picture. Also, notice the lapel flower. These are handmade yarn flowers made by Hilary. What a great idea, huh?

Uncle Cambry and Aunt Heather with the baby. This was right before her Maid of Honor speech... Which she Nailed.

These are the collection of wildflowers in mason jars from all the tables. Gorgeous.

Look at this sweet cake. It is Precious. The quilt in the background is handmade by her grandmother.

Our awesome friends Rob and Leah working hard on getting those amazing shots. They are truly talented and their pictures blow me away! They are true artists with the camera. They took our wedding photos too. Love these guys. Leah's photo blog speaks for itself.

So, Now it's my turn for a Point 'n Shoot Shoot. My Canon PowerShot is not too shabby. I usually get some pretty good shots with it. The wedding was at Paramount Ranch which is used for filming movies and TV. There were so many cool backgrounds to take pictures of. I decided to do an impromptu shoot with my boys.

Father and son. They love the dressy casual look... Jeans and a button down.

Justin looking cute as always.

He's a nice Sheriff.

Under a big Oak Tree.

Look at his cute Cabbage Patch smile. Titus seems to be very aware of cameras and frequently looks directly at the lens for a good shot. Thanks baby, you make it easy for mom.