Monday, October 20, 2008

I Have a Crush on a Brush

On Thursday, I was teaching my cousin Grace art again.
We were learning how to do lettering. She did a great job! She wrote her name with a paint brush and it looked good... like computer good. I don't have a pic of that (maybe next time :), but I did want to brag about a brush I used for my lettering.

This is a brush I have had in my arsenal for years and was ignoring because I was intimidated by it. It's HUGE. What the heck do you paint with a brush this big? I got it from "The Brush Man" at RCC. The brush is $70 bucks, but I got it for about $17. Maybe I should have not bought it if I felt that way about it, but the brush tip looked so tight and well made that I thought it could have a really awesome stroke.

Well, It did once I had the guts to try it. When I do lettering on walls, I typically use a 1/4 flat sable brush. This looks great, but limits you to calligraphy style letters. During art lessons I wanted to do a style of lettering that could not be accomplished with a flat brush. I really don't have a good collection of round brushes so I was bummed for a minute until I remembered the BIG one on display in my garage (On display because it's looks impressive, yet I never used it).

Once I dipped it in paint and did a practice stroke, I knew it was a Golden brush!

So I chose the word "Peace" and had my reference letters at hand. I was in love with the brush as it was going along. It made the letter strokes easy and there was never a struggle to get it to do what I wanted. That is priceless when it comes to having fun and working quickly with letters. So anyways, I have a crush on a brush right now and I am so glad it's already mine! :)

For those who are curious, the brush is from Princeton Art & Brush Co. It's a size 30 Round and style 4050R


Josh said...

Are you a paid blogger now Lindy? That was a legit brush review. I don't paint, but I think I need to get that brush.

Pearmama said...

I love that brush! But I am with you...I have tons of little brushes in my arsenal. I am the queen of #000 brushes. I can never have too many!