Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Grandma's Birthday

On Saturday Justin and I went to my Grandma Shoe's house for her birthday. 

It started off with conversation about crocheting and then it became a mini crochet extravaganza. We had a bunch of us on the couch crocheting or knitting. There are a lot of artists and creative people in my family so it's not surprising.

 We even decided that as a family our gift exchange this year would be handmade gifts only!! This is a first for our family and there is about 20 adults involved in this (not including kids)! There are a few people in the family who are a little apprehensive about this, but I think it will work out well and be fun :)

My cousin Andie and her little girl Charlotte visited from Northern California. We miss their family, but it's always fun to hang out when we can. This is Charlotte's camera smile!

Charlotte is such a cutey and it so charming and sweet! She is having fun with Grace.

Justin loves to hold and hang out with Joelle. She even fell asleep on him later in the evening.

Happy Birthday Grandma! She is blowing out candles on a pie that my cousin Skye made. It was Chocolate Espresso Pecan.

One of my favorite pictures of the night is of Sequoia and Caleb! They are so cute together!  


Kim said...

I've been wanting to learn to crochet forever! You have to teach me:) I'm trying to get my family to do homemade gifts for our big family gift exchange too. It sounds so fun and creative.

Andie and Charlotte said...

Thanks Lindy! I had a great time seeing you and everyone at Grandma's. If you have more pictures, email them to me when you aren't too busy. We had fun hanging out! Love you! Andie and Charlotte

Chris said...

Thanks for the photos, Lindy. They are all great! Love from Aunt Chris