Monday, October 6, 2008

S&P Shaker

These are salt and pepper shakers that reminded me of Justin and I. If
we had to be S&P shakers we would be these ones. Everytime we go to
Millie's for dinner I pick a shaker set out for us... I don't buy it I
just choose it :)

This post is also for the purpose of checking to see if I can post a
blog from my phone. If you see this, then it worked!


Lindy PRD said...

Cool! My first post from my phone! Not sure why the sentences are choppy, but I will try to figure it out.

becca boganwright said...

Why would this S&P set be you guys? I am confused. =) You are funny. Thanks for posting on my blog. Now I can keep updated on yours

Talia said...

so i basically work for Millie's for the gift shoppe. i price that stuff and my mom and i pick it out. so if you ever want them let me know.

cristine said...

You two are so cute! Us girls have a S&P shaker collection starting up on top of our stove!