Saturday, March 21, 2009

Baby PRD

So the results of our poll were quite interesting. 

The votes actually came out exactly equal. 12 votes for Girl and 12 votes for Boy. Thank you all for being a part of this. It was so fun!

Justin and I got the final result at the Doctors office on Thursday. We are having a BOY!!!

Justin has his eyes glued to the ultrasound monitor. When the technician said that it was a boy, Justin just said, "Whoa...". He actually said it a few times. We are both so excited. We are shifting our mind into boy gear and beginning our planning. 

Here is a sweet profile shot of our boy.

Our son is already communicating with us. In this photo he was signaling to us that he is already excited to be one of the PRDz. He is saying, "We're number one!".

Here is the proof. His little booty and other things.

Justin and I are just so excited to be getting ready for a boy. I can't wait to see who he looks like the most. He could be a little Justin. I am about 21 weeks now so we are half done.

We not only feel blessed, but also thankful that the Lord has given us a healthy baby. That is really what we wanted most.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Boy or Girl?

This Thursday, March 19th, we will find out if our baby is a boy or a girl! This is very exciting to us. It will narrow down my broad thoughts of of our child and what to expect. I am excited to prepare accordingly.

In the meantime, Justin and I have an interesting wager going on: I am pulling for the girls team and he is on the boys side.

If we find that we are having a girl, then Justin has to learn how to french braid hair. We will have a lesson and a judge.

If we are having a boy, then I have to learn to do some boy type pyro experiments out of this book called Backyard Balistics (Justin's brother gave him this book). I must learn to do the same experiments that Justin wants to do with his son one day.

These activities must be carried out sometime before the baby's born. This is going to add even more spice to our exciting day coming up. 

We want you to be a part of this wager as well. Use your intuition or guessing skills to vote on what sex you think our baby is. Even if you have no idea, have fun with us and make a guess.

Justin and I truly don't have a preference. A baby boy or girl will be equally as exciting. We just like to make an interesting thing even more interesting.

Here is a quick pic my baby belly at 19 weeks. Not much I know, but it is definitely noticeable especially if you know what I looked like before.

Take a guess! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Balboa Park

Justin and I made a small vacation out of being in San Diego for the concert. We had the whole next day to hang around and have fun.

First we had breakfast at this little cafe called Saint- Tropez. The scrambled egg croissant sandwich was awesome and the coffee was impressive (seriously- I wish all coffee was like that... not even Starbucks equalled it)

Next we went to Balboa Park. We walked around and checked out museums. Here we are at the science museum. We built towers with blocks.

We pulled random words out of a barrel and made a sentence. We also saw an I Max movie called 'Wild Ocean'. They advertised it like it was about sharks and weird sea creatures, but it was really about sardines. More specifically, the plight of the East African sardines. We were a little disappointed.

Here's a nice picture of us at the Organ Theater. It's an old and gorgeous outdoor structure.

Later in the evening we had dinner and dessert with our friends Roberto and Mary Jo. They are getting married in August. They are great! We are so excited for them!

Here we are with our Italian cream sodas and cake. It was a lovely end to our evening. We had so much fun this past weekend and are so glad to get in some pre- baby vacation time. I am sure we wouldn't have been able to sleep in like we did if we had a newborn with us :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jimmy Eat World

Back on December 25th 2008, Justin gave me concert tickets in a large stocking. The tickets were for one of my favorite bands... Jimmy Eat World.
They were playing at the House of Blues in downtown San Diego. 

We decided to make a weekend of it. Justin booked us a hotel a few blocks from the concert. The hotel was called The Sofia.

Our view. Yeah, it's all brick, but it was authentic cozy city. I loved it.

Here is a view from our seats at the House of Blues. We snagged some rad seats on the balcony. I appreciated not being down in the crowd so much because I can't stand for hours (preggo), it's hot & sweaty, and sometimes the crowd gets wild and pushy. I am lovingly accepting the fact that I am old and I don't need to be with the "cool kids" in the crazy crowd. I cozied up to Justin in our cushy seats and sipped a cold water while I watched the concert and I saw some pushy people in the crowd get taken out by the bouncer. It was interesting.

This is baby PRD's first concert. I was a little worried that our baby would be startled and confused by all the loud sounds and vibrations, but he/she handled it very well. I still put a coat over my belly to make a sound barrier.

This concert was awesome! Jimmy Eat World has been around for a while... about 10 years actually. Their first cd is called Clarity. This is their 10 year anniversary tour where they play the whole Clarity album in it's entirety. It was Great! If you haven't heard them... you would probably like them. You might want to check them out.