Sunday, August 23, 2009

He's A Little Guy

I know Titus won't stay tiny for long so I am trying to get a lot of pics of him at this small stage.

He was born at 6 lbs 12oz and it took him to weeks to get back up to his birth weight.

He's got
great expressions
awesome hair
blue eyes
big feet
sweet personality
squeaky cry
skinny thighs

He likes
his hands in his mouth
snugging on my chest
observing the world
sleep smiling
pursing his lips for kisses

I love his tiny body and sweet eyes. He is a very good boy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Uncle Cambry and Aunt Heather

Titus got to hang out with his aunt Heather and uncle Cambry. They live in Connecticut and got to come out and visit for a week. Titus loved hanging out with them and even gave them lessons on how to change diapers.

Titus loves snugging with his auntie

Heather even brought with her Titus' first watercolor portrait. Seriously, I knew she was crafty, but I didn't even know she did paintings. She painted a portrait of Titus' face and it is really accurate. It looks great. Sorry don't have a pic of it, but it's cool.

Look at this bonding moment. They will have to spend a lot of Quality time together since they won't have a lot of Quantity time with each other. Too bad Cambry and Heather don't live close by.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Titus' First Bath

This is Titus' first bath.

He was born on a Sunday and we didn't get around to bathing him till Friday. He didn't even get a bath at the hospital so he pretty much was fresh from the womb all week. He didn't care.

Look at his sad little face.

This was a sponge bath because his umbilical cord was still healing. I kept a blanket on the parts of him that I was not washing so he could stay a bit warmer. He had some flakey skin so I spent some time scrubbing him with a wash cloth.

These are some typical cry faces he makes. I see these expressions every day (and night) when he is hungry.

Seriously, even his crying faces are cute. I just want to kiss his face when he looks like this.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Little Bundle

This is Titus' first trip to the pediatrician.

He got to spend some time with one of his faves, Blythe. She wrapped him up nice and tight so he was all snug. She even held him up like The Lion King. I think Titus' face describes his feelings about the situation. He's either a little unsure about being held up on display or a bit nervous to get his inspection by the Doctor.

Look at that little baby bundle

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Daddy and Titus

Here's some pics of Justin and Titus

A Big Sloppy daddy kiss

Some snug time on the Love Sac beanbag

The father & son pose

Justin loves being a daddy. He just stares at Titus and can't believe he is here. He really is the proudest dad and wants to show Titus off to the world. Titus went to church with us for the first time on sunday and Justin could not help taking him around to show everybody and sneaking him into the worship service to praise God with him. Even right now, Justin came home from work and is literally smelling Titus' head having missed him all day.

Aside from recovering and adjusting to the new schedule, we are the happiest parents ever :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Here He is!

Titus Bear Pardee

First Photos:

The Proudest Daddy

Baby Face

I love my baby boy

Sorry it took a while to get some pics up. I know how fun it is to see new babies and get updated. I have attempted to post for the past 4 or 5 days. Obviously, it didn't happen. I have so many cute pics to share with you so hopefully I can do some quick fun posts and it won't take to much time.

This first week has been the longest and shortest week of our lives. Titus is doing really good. He is pretty much the cutest thing ever. My labor was a little tumultuous. He was actually born in an ambulance. I will post about that another day.

This week has been awesome and challenging. We would love your prayers for the continued healing of my body and for Titus' breast feeding. My body has been doing better everyday, but my pelvis is still messed up. Titus is having trouble breast feeding so it has been frustrating for both of us.

Thanks for your love and prayers!