Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Walk for Life

The Walk for Life was this past sunday. This is the main fundraiser of Riverside Life Services for the whole year. I haven't been in years. I used to go when I was in elementary and Jr. high. It is awesome that it has continued as an annual event all these years. This Walk for Life was different this year than I remember in the past, for some pretty obvious reasons. My role was different and the people there were different.

In years past I would grab a fast food lunch and make it to the park in time to walk. This year I came early to set up and to be involved.

Years ago there were multiple hundreds of people, maybe closer to a thousand. There were many faces that I recognized, especially from my church. This year there was around two hundred people who came to walk and I recognized few.

Coming to the Walk for Life this year was really fun, but just as discouraging at the same time. I couldn't believe the numbers of supporters this year. I couldn't believe the opportunity that was missed to support. Of course it is not the only way to support the cause, but it was definitely missed. Seeing the response to this fundraiser and walk  gave me an updated an accurate view of how much community support Riverside Life Services has. This is actually a good thing. I was reawakened to the needs of RLS just over a month ago. Knowing that their support is not where it should be makes me want to be involved even more.

Even if the Walk was small, doesn't mean that the support of individuals throughout the year has to be small. My goal is to make the need known and let everyone know how easy it is to be involved, even if they have no time.
I will post again on what Riverside Life Services is and stands for and give easy ways for anyone to help.

For now enjoy these few pics of the walk. I meant to get better ones from my sister, but these are from my camera.

This is a good picture of the walkers.

We walked with Griffin and Erika from Sandals college group.

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Marlene Steed said...

That is neat that you are volunteering at the pregancy counceling center. Also that you and Justin were able to do the walk for life. Abortion is so common now a days that it is scary.
That is neat because you can show God's love to others.