Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Faucet!

Justin and I got a new faucet!! We have not installed it yet but we are so excited. 

This is going to make doing the dishes extra fun! I love that the sprayer pulls out to reach the whole sink. We are currently lacking the convenience of one of those.

We have a few things we want to fix around our house. We've been thinking of redoing some stuff in our bathroom including the bathroom faucet and bath tub. We have a pretty big bathroom with a storage closet, but I would rather tear down the closet wall and put in a claw foot tub. I want to replace the storage with a small armoire. Actually I can't wait to be able to tile the floor or walls in there. I know I could do a rad mosaic. So many ideas- So little time. I'll keep you updated on our kitchen and bathroom projects! I may even introduce a new blog that's just about Home Design stuff!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Top Cell Phone Pics of 2010

2010 was a fun year and you can tell by the pictures I have on my cell phone. 

This was last year's post 2009 cell pics.
I used to have one of those cell phones that would only hold 30 low res pics at a time. Photos are my favorite so I am super happy that my iPhone holds almost unlimited amounts. It's just hard to narrow down my faves, but here they are:

Cute Titus. 5 months.

Love this! 

Bro in law. Wounded. 

Little Bear.

 Choco smile.

You know I love seeing this whenever I can! 

They love to relax. 

Sleep. The best kind. 


Tuft of hair. 

A little TV. 

Stuck in the crack. 

Love that yellow sweater! 

Cousin hugs.

Cream cheese for breakfast. 

Cute baby profile. 

Learning to walk with daddy. 

My birthday with my boy. 


Awwww. Snugs. 

Anniversary at Dland. 

The climbing begins. 

Popeye the sailor man! 

Holding a mannequin's hand

Cappuccino. Recharge moment. 

Love that face. 

Sleep eating. 

Can you hear this picture? 

Wearing the jacket of a puppet. McGruff the crime dog.

Some days go like this. 

Kellie and Tidy :)

On our way to Club 33. Love my fam. So much fun! 

Snugs with Cece. 

Riverside. Gorgeous. 

My summer chalk boy. 

Childrens <3 

Baby monkey... baby monkey.... 

My little farm boy. 

Cutest sock monkey I ever saw! 

Guilty choco face. 

Perfect bed head. 16 months.

One last cell pic from my sister. Piggy face Titus.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas with The PRDZ

For the Prdz, Christmas begins on the 23rd.
We meet up with my Gpa & Gma Saunders and family for dinner 
at the Mission Inn. It is always a treat and we love catching up with 
everyone. Titus was not afraid of Santa this year. Go Titus.

This is a cute pic of the Prd family. I love Tidy's heart booty 
which was probably cuter than his face at the time because 
he was definitely tired and grumpy :)

Christmas Eve was delightfully busy. We spent time with Justin's family 
and went to the Sandals Church Christmas Eve service. We had so much 
fun having a traditional tortilla soup dinner. After the awesome church service 
we had a midnight breakfast with Justin's parents and spent good 
time with Titus' auntie and uncle visiting from Chicago. 
Justin and I love watching Titus have fun with them.

Christmas Morn part 1: The Prd home. Titus had a great early 
morning face. He enjoyed opening his gifts and he was pretty 
good with ripping paper and emptying bags.

Justin got me a vintage yellow chair which I absolutely love! 
We got Titus his first red wagon. 

Christmas Morn part 2: The Saunders Home. We love spending time with my 
parents and fam. One of the best gifts was given to my mom. My dad took 
a piece of wood from my mom's childhood house and made it into a growth 
stick for their grandkids. I painted an orange with blossoms on the top to 
symbolize the orange grove my mom grew up on. My mom cried. 
My dad gets the award for the most heart warming gift :)

My Gma and Gpa Ricker. My Gma just recovered from hip surgery. 
Go Gma! So glad she's doing better!

Jojo enjoying the day.

We spent a relaxing Christmas afternoon with my Gma & Gpa Shoe. 
We got to have some quality time with our aunts, uncles & cousins. 
Here is one of my cousins, Grace. Love this girl!

Justin and I feel so blessed to have had such a great Christmas. 
Spending time with all our family and church is such a joy! 
Jesus has truly blessed us all by coming to this earth. It would be a 
sad thing to only remember and reflect on Jesus' birth at Christmas 
time. It's a story of amazing Hope and we should remember it often :)