Monday, October 20, 2008

I Made a Scarf!!!!

I have dreamed of Making and, more importantly, Finishing a crochet or knitted project for many years. I never really knew how to do it right and I would always get discouraged and put it away. With the help of a store called Knit n' Stitch and a book called "Happy Hooker", I learned how to crochet myself a lovely autumn red scarf.

This is my attempt at an Antropologie style photo shoot :)

This is a photo right before I finished. I cut off tassels or fringe for the bottom of my scarf and It was so fun and easy to attach them. I wrapped the yarn around a DVD to get the right length and cut one side. All the pieces were about the same size.

This scarf took two balls of 3.5 oz chunky yarn at 121 yards and a size "I" hook. I chose to do a stitch called Triple Crochet. I am so excited to make more, just ask my husband! With any free time I have a crochet project in my hand... during movies, in the car, at friend's houses, etc...


Amy Blevins said...

Hi Lindy,
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I love yours and am looking forward to keeping in touch with you. You did a great job on that scarf. I love working with my hands as well and I love being creative. Keep up the good work. Your neice is really cute. Tell Josh and Casey Congratulations from all of us.
Amy Blevins

Marlene Steed said...

Amy told me about your blog. It is neat to be able to see what you and Justin are up to. That is great that you are taking up learning how to make scarfs. Amy like to do that also and hats. If you get a chance e-mail me. Our e-mail address is Did you know that we moved to Colorado
Casey's kids are cute Springs? I would love to keep in touch with you through e-mail.

Andie and Charlotte said...

Wow Lindy!! That was fast! It's beautiful, the color and the style with fringe. When I was really into knitting a few years ago, I was knitting everywhere ALL THE TIME -and I learned that it is very, very important to remember to stretch the wrist in between sessions or it'll get sore; just some advice! What are you going to make next?

cristine said...

Congrats!! It looks awesome! I love the color ... very autumn-my :)

Jessica said...

Did you check out yet? It is the best knit & crochet website! It is beta so you have to sign up as a beta tester access it, let me know if you like it.