Friday, January 23, 2009

My Dad, The Senior Citizen

We had a birthday party for my dad at my aunt Joanie's house. He turned 55 on January 21st.

My dad has many distinctive qualities. His hair sticks up straight. He is never seen without a Starbucks cup full of iced tea. Also, my dad loves BBQ. Here is a picture of him enjoying BBQ spare ribs.

My aunt got everyone Starbucks cups and iced tea so we could all be like him for the evening.

Here is my dad and his brother. My uncle Jimmy tried to fro his hair and wave the cup around acting like my dad. Imitation is the best compliment.

Here is Casey and Gracie chowing down on the delicious dinner.

My dad blew on his two candles, but he did not manage to extinguish them. It's tough being a senior citizen.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Sweetest Heartbeat

Justin and I are officially announcing our pregnancy online. We got to hear a strong heartbeat with the Doppler and got to see the coolest moving images of our baby kicking and jumping around. It is so relieving too know that our baby is alive and well. Although I can't feel our baby kicking around, I know that there is life happening in secret.

I think about how this baby lives in it's own world that is hidden from all, but God. The Lord creates many incredible things on this earth that man has never and will never lay eyes on. This shows how He saves some things for his own enjoyment. I can see the Lord peeking in on our baby and smiling as those little legs test kicking and stretching for the first time. He can see the baby curl it's hands and fingers up to it's face to touch it. He can look at the baby's little round, pudgy belly and see how precious it is. Justin and I only got to take a peek into this secret life. We can't wait to see more, but we are satisfied to know the baby is strong and healthy. We can patiently wait and let God have his personal time enjoying our little baby.

This is the best profile view we got. Just imagine those legs kicking up a storm.

I believe this is a view of the top of the baby's head with the legs folded in front.

So, I am currently 12 weeks and the baby should be about 2 inches tall. I am due at the very beginning of August. My nausea is mild and mainly consists of food pickiness and aversions. I am feeling pretty good overall.

Monday, January 19, 2009


This week has been difficult. Mark's family and close friends would consider that an understatement. Mark left tragically, but not without the Lord faithfully moving and standing by Mark's side. God has freely given his love, comfort, strength, and hope during this hardship.

When I think of Mark, I think of someone who truly cares about others. He had a humble and kind spirit and was so easy to talk to. He was a hard worker and a servant. His love for God was strong and you saw it in his actions.

Mark will be intensely missed by many. His absence leaves a large gaping hole. The Lord, however, gives us powerful promises to hold onto. God deeply loves Mark and those who hurt for Mark. He hears us and is a provider. The Lord is good and does good things.

My heart cries for Angie and all who deeply loved Mark. Heaven is much closer and desirable now. Keep praying for this family. They have a long road and they need continuous Courage, Peace and Hope. You can leave comments on the blog to encourage Angie, Nolan and the family. There is also a memorial fund that will help Angie in her time of need.

Thank you so much for being involved. I am so thankful for all your prayers and your kind hearts!

Here are a few sweet pictures of Mark, Angie and Nolan from the Flickr page on the website.

This location is beautiful, but I know Mark is seeing more incredible views today.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Prayer Needed Today!

Mark is not doing well. His brain is bleeding and the Doctors don't think there is anything that can be done.

Please check the update on the blog and be praying for this heartbreaking news that Mark's family must endure today.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

We Are Moving

Justin and I have lived at The Presidential Townhomes together for a little over a year and half. We think we made a good choice to move there because it is super quiet, safe, and friendly.
Although this apartment is great we have been looking at houses and we found a special house that we are waiting for. Meanwhile we decided it is best to move in with Justin's parents as we wait for this house to go through. 

We are happy and thankful to live with Justin's parent's for these next few months and are glad to be back at our old stomping grounds... the Woodstreet area!

Justin decided to make it easy for us to move. He ordered a crazy amount of matching boxes and helpful moving tools... Thanks Babe!!

Justin kept telling me how cool the warehouse was where he picked this stuff up and all the manly machines that were there. 

We got them all in our house.

The house destroying begins! It's going good so far.