Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh Yes, We Went To The Pumpkin Patch Too!!

Justin and I decided to have our own trip to the Pumpkin Patch. We have no babies at the moment, but we want to start our family traditions early.

So, we walked into the Pumpkin Patch and this is basically the first thing we see. This crazy Pumpkin in the middle of the road. This Pumpkin can hardly blend in to the rest of the orange circles and then it just sat directly in the path. Needless to say Justin and I noticed it and complemented it and petted it. We also walked past it.

We went to see what else the Patch has to offer.

We considered  many options and chose three. I am holding our initial selection.

After much more consideration, we still chose three pumpkins, but we switched one out for our favorite and most loved pumpkin. We got the incredible pumpkin that we loved at first sight. 
I must say that this is the coolest pumpkin I have ever seen and I don't think any other pumpkin comes close to being this charming and mesmerizing. 

What a fun family trip. Now we have officially celebrated Fall!


Marlene Steed said...

When I saw the pumpkin that you picked out I laughed and said that is defiently a Lindy pumpkin. That is great that you are starting a tradition. When my grandfather was alive he always bought us a pumpkin and then would come over to the house and carve it with us.

Amy Blevins said...

You are never too old to carve pumpkins. Joshua and I also started that tradition when we first were married and had no kids. I am glad to see you enjoying your blog. You and I are alot the same. I can't wait to see how you carved the pumpkin.

Jessica said...

Nice scarf! It's very fall and festive.

Blythe Fike said...

man, that is an AWESOME pumpkins.
awesome walk for lifin' also...wish we could have been there. love you guys!

Blythe Fike said...

awesome pumpkin. singular.

Anonymous said...

Lindy!!!! Oh my gosh, it is so funny to find you on here and it would be a long trail to explain how I came across your blog. Anyway, I miss you, love you dearly, think of you often, pray for you and from time to time, and am so happy to have "found" you. Cool pumpkin by the way.

Anonymous said...

i'm hardly ever on myspace or facebook. do you have an e-mail address or yahoo messenger? mine is