Friday, January 29, 2010

The Cabin

Justin's Parents have a cabin in Idyllwild. We went up there for a little get-away.We stayed there Sunday evening till Tuesday afternoon. During that time we watched Lord of the Rings 2 and 3, Played Scrabble and Banana Grams, cooked/ ate/cleaned up after 6 meals, attempted to make brownies, had a few discussions, took a Titus photo shoot, did 2 loads of laundry and stood in the falling snow. We had fun. We want to go back soon. It's nice to have a little time away from the city life.

Titus looks like a little bug

Me and T by the fire

Playing with dad

A brisk morning on the deck

T and daddy going on a little exploration

Titus Bear's bare bottom on bear skin

The snow fell on us the few hours before we left. It was gorgeous.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Titus Tasting

Justin and I decided to see if Titus would like a little solid food. I mixed some brown rice cereal with breast milk. He definitely leaned toward the food and opened his mouth a little bit the first few spoonfuls. He then just wanted to touch and explore the substance rather than eat it. He preferred to just Taste it.

Over the next few days we repeated this process, but he still tightened up his lips so I could just barely slip the spoon in with a little food residue on it. I began to pull his chin open and put a spoonful in, which produced a few confused expressions. So, we decided to wait a while to try it again. Maybe in a week or two.

Friday, January 1, 2010

My Top Cell Phone Pictures of 2009

Here are my top 25 pictures from my cell phone of 2009! I love taking pictures with my phone. That's why I have about 1500 pictures on my phone right now. I narrowed it down to show you my 25 favorite. Goodbye 2009! Enjoy.

My nephew's haircut

Preggo DQ

Justin in birthing class

Preggo silhouette

My crazy hubster

Fortune one month before Titus' birth

Me and my Jo

First cell pic of my baby

His sleep smile at church

My precious bug

New haircut

Cute pose

Titus snugging with his friend Asher

Caleb with his weapon of choice

Snugging with daddy

First baseball game

How I do laundry

Bath time

Peed on the couch

My beautiful boy

Trans Siberian Orchestra

First time in the cart

First scarf on Christmas day

Cracking up

Loving my baby