Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pots and Pans

Titus loves pots and pans. Check out this video. Titus is with his grandma Cece and Great Gma.

Friday, March 12, 2010

His Seventh Month

Titus is now in his 7th month being in the outside world.

He is constantly changing- It's so exciting to see him developing thoughts and skills before my eyes. One day he will have a handful of certain skills and the next day a new skill will instantly emerge.

Recently he started shaking his head as if he was saying "No". He also says the word "Bwa" really well. All the sudden he went from sleeping in the middle of the crib, always- to sleeping all over the bed and spin himself 360 degrees.

He's been trying solid food for a few months now, but he's not that into it. We will keep trying. He just likes his breast milk I guess.

We are so thankful to be given a unique, healthy, curious, wide-eyed boy. We are blessed, blessed, blessed!