Sunday, October 5, 2008

Iron and Wine

Last night Justin and I went to an Iron and wine concert at the Greek Theater. It's pretty cool because going to an Iron and wine concert is basically the first thing Justin and I ever did together. In 2005 we went with Case and Josh to the House of Blues in San Diego to see this band. So it's cool to see them again with my husband. 

Here we are at the concert. I am pretty much the Queen of taking pictures of me and Justin with my own hand (Not because they are good. Because it's convenient and fast) (Not sure why this paragraph is being underlined, but oh well.)

So four more people came with us, but one one of them got in. Jeremy was the the lucky one. (Justin and Jeremy look like two little buddies in this pic. Cute.)
Well, there is a bit of a story. Case and Josh drove us all up in their awesome minivan. Baby Joelle also came because the concert was going to be mellow and it was outside. However, ticket holding Case and Josh were not allowed in with the baby. So long story short, they got their money back and hung around the parking lot for 3 to 4 hours. The cars were stacked in the parking lot, meaning you can't move till everyone else leaves. 

Poor Case and Josh. It was an awesome concert! Iron and Wine opened for Swell Season. You might know that band from an Irish movie called Once (See it if you haven't). The music was incredible!

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Lynn Pham said...

Lindy. I miss you! I am also very jealous that you got to see the Swell Season and Iron and Wine live. I love you!