Sunday, November 2, 2008

Beijing for Halloween!!!

We went to Beijing for Halloween!

Sandals had a big Trunk or Treat thing in the church office parking lot. And we went all out! Justin became the famous olympic althelete... Michael Phelps. I couldn't help, but become a Michael Phelps super fan.

Justin got out the Gorilla tape and my dad's painter plastic and transformed the back of his truck into an Olympic swimming pool. He filled it with water and showed off his swimming skills for the trick o' treaters, all while passing out candy.

I also got out the shoe polish and went crazy on the truck (The sides looked pretty cool too, but I didn't get a pic)

This is me getting a picture with Michael Phelps!!

A couple other Michael Phelps Phans showed up. I was nice to them even though Michael only has one real fan... Me! I even wear my homemade shirt so much it's fading (actually the iron-ons failed in their duty to transfer his face)

Here is Michael swimming for the kids. 

Here he is appreciating some of his many metals from the Olympics.

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Hazeleyessue said...

That is hilarious! And very creative!