Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Black Friday Technique

I am no expert on Black Friday techniques. I've only attempted to get deals on this day a few times.

However, from my experiences (and long stretches of time thinking to myself as I waited in lines) I have deduced a few helpful tips for Black Friday shopping. By the way, I am not a hardcore, camp outside before it opens kind of girl. I'm a wake up around 5 or 6am and slip in to catch some deals person. That should give you some perspective on my tips.

1. Look at the ads in the paper and online and choose the main items you want before you go. You don't have time to browse if you have a lot of stores to go to. It's best to get in and get out. (clothing stores do require some browsing however)

2. Map out what stores you want to hit up in order of importance. Variables include Store open times, favorite items, items you know will go fast, sale ending times & location of stores.

3. Go with a friend. Lines can be long. To save time it's best to grab your main items and hop in line. Take turns with your partner standing in line as the other one shops to find their final deals.

4. Bring snacks & drink. If you are in a mall area where you can go from store to store quickly, you might be racing the clock as sales are ending. You may not have time to wait in the 30 min long Starbucks line for nourishment.

5. Stores like Target and Home depot seem to check you out pretty swiftly. I have found that clothing stores are super slow and backed up such as Gap, Old Navy, Express & Macy's. Be prepared.

6. Bring your iPhone or smart phone. There is plenty of time to check your FB status or read blogs while you wait to purchase your items.

7. Don't bring your kids. I don't mind watching YOUR kid lay on the floor and sob because they can't run around and pull stuff off the shelves. I just don't want MY kid to do the wet noodle and scream in my ear while I wait in line. Leave them with their toys and a guardian. You'll be happy you did.

8. When a clothing store has a sale like- 40% or 50% off Everything- and they don't have your size. Just buy any size and come back a week later when the shelves are restocked and exchange for your size. Worst case scenario is you have to return the item- No loss to you.

I think that's all I got. Did I miss anything? I hope this info only adds to the technique YOU have developed for Black Friday! Today, I only went to Gap, Baby Gap, and Macy's. I feel pretty satisfied. A salesclerk at Baby Gap said she has worked there 12 years and this is the first time Gap has offered 50% off everything. It made me feel good that I made the effort to get there because who knows when that deal will come again.

Also, The picture up top is not actually random. It's the 4th store I went black friday shopping at. It's a window of an antique store. Although there were no Doorbusters or even any sale prices, there was a lot of lovely things there and I had a great time collecting a few beautiful items. Antique stores are just my favorite :) Look how beautiful that handmade curtain is as the sun passes through it. It's like stained glass. Gorgeous.

Friday, November 12, 2010

When I see this picture I think of...

When I see this picture I think of my family.

Although I am not very good at keeping up with the laundry and housework, I really enjoy accomplishing things like this that help take care of my family. I have found that drying our jeans on the hearth of our fireplace is easy, uses less electricity, and keeps the color from fading.

As I continually walk past all these drying jeans, different things come to mind. Sometimes it's the thought of, "Geez, I should really fold those up and get them in the drawers." Other times I look at these drying jeans and think of them as art. I think, "Wow, that is so pretty." The contrasting Blue jean on Orange brick pleases my eye and the representation of our family members in the clothing laid out makes my artistic mind get excited. I used my camera to capture this mundane- spectacular scene.

Another thought I have is one of thankfulness and love. I love what God has given my family. He has given us each other and provided for our needs. I also think of the fact that as being a wife and mama, part of my role is to serve my family. I am reminded of the best servant of all, Jesus.

 "... The son of man did not come to be served, but to serve, and give his life as a ransom for many". Matthew 20:28.

I fall short all the time at being the amazing servant He was. He serves us all the time in His Love, Grace, and Provision. I have the opportunity to be like Him and to serve like Him. Serving like Him in the Pardee home is not what always comes natural, but it's my goal.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Titus' Last Cutesy Halloween

This Halloween my plan was to purchase a costume for Titus to wear, saving myself time and energy. However, a few days before Halloween, I didn't have a costume and I realized my heart was set on making Titus be a sock monkey. I decided that this would be the last year that I could make Titus a CUTESY costume! This is the last year that he won't have an opinion and I'm going to take advantage of that! :)

At that point a ready made sock monkey costume would not get shipped on time and it was pretty expensive anyway. I told myself, if I go to Joann's Fabric and there is no sock monkey material, then I will just forget it. Well, I did find some awesome fabric so I just dove in. I used every spare moment of time (usually between the hours of  9pm and 4am) and I sewed away. I used online tutorials for making a hoodie sweater and Pj pants. It all came together and I was so happy to see the finished product. I felt like I graduated into that classic "crafty mom" role. Yay!

Titus with his sock monkey. Not only a pal, but also an inspiration ;)

I love this cute little pose. He seems so happy to be a sock monkey.

This is his determined sock monkey look.

Awww It's fall!

Sock Monkey with his awesome cousins, Ariel and Optimus Prime.

Justin went as a young boy with his favorite toy!

We went to the Sandals Church Trunk 'n Treat along with about 5,000 other friends and new people from the neighborhood! It was our first sunday at our own building so it was exciting :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter & Titus' Blue Basket

Our celebration of Easter was great this year. We had family time and worship time.

Titus had fun with his great grandpa Ricker. I love both of their expressions :) Titus has a little cabbage patch kid smile.

It was my mom's birthday this Easter so we got to celebrate that as well. Here are my cute parents.

Then the Easter egg hunt began for all the little kidlets. Here's a Titus and blue basket montage...

Haha, I love that Caleb is holding Tidy's face that way. Look @ those cute kids who wouldn't look at the camera all at the same time! :)

Titus in the blue basket with daddy

and Tidy in the bucket with Gma Cece

What a great day! So thankful for our loving family and most especially for Christ and the sacrifice of his life for us. He is deserving of our praise! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pots and Pans

Titus loves pots and pans. Check out this video. Titus is with his grandma Cece and Great Gma.

Friday, March 12, 2010

His Seventh Month

Titus is now in his 7th month being in the outside world.

He is constantly changing- It's so exciting to see him developing thoughts and skills before my eyes. One day he will have a handful of certain skills and the next day a new skill will instantly emerge.

Recently he started shaking his head as if he was saying "No". He also says the word "Bwa" really well. All the sudden he went from sleeping in the middle of the crib, always- to sleeping all over the bed and spin himself 360 degrees.

He's been trying solid food for a few months now, but he's not that into it. We will keep trying. He just likes his breast milk I guess.

We are so thankful to be given a unique, healthy, curious, wide-eyed boy. We are blessed, blessed, blessed!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jumping Titus

Titus has a few baby contraptions he enjoys while I get stuff done around the house. He loves this exersaucer. He usually will enjoy this toy for about 15-20 mins before he decides he's finished.

Check him out getting crazy in the exersaucer. This video cracks me up.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Funny Boy

Here are some update pics from my cell phone. I just love this cute boy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

That New... Old Theater

I got to swoop in on my brother in law's Christmas gift and take his ticket to see sheryl Crow with the fam. Josh was not back in town from his work trip that day so got to go to a great concert! Thanks Josh!

So, I was equally excited to see the new FOX Theater that night. I had never been inside it in my life. It was condemned by the time I payed attention to it and was intrigued by it. I'm so glad it is restored. It is such a city treasure.

The Sheryl Crow concert was it's Grand Opening besides the Gala a few weeks ago. Sheryl is the first musician that's been on that stage in many years.

This is a pic of my wonderful parents waiting for the show to begin. During the opening act, the people behind us were talking louder than the singer onstage. It was unbelievable for a while, but they seemed to keep it down for Sheryl. The guy next to me didn't have a problem "Shhhhhhh- ing" and telling them that they were rude. It was kind of entertaining in itself.

I just like Sheryl. She's a girl with a guitar.

I knew 95% of the songs she played just because they have been on the radio over the past 10 years. I don't own any of her cds, but I know her hits.

The crowd didn't start standing and noticeably rocking out to her music till the last few songs. Here is my fam getting into it and catching a groove.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Cabin

Justin's Parents have a cabin in Idyllwild. We went up there for a little get-away.We stayed there Sunday evening till Tuesday afternoon. During that time we watched Lord of the Rings 2 and 3, Played Scrabble and Banana Grams, cooked/ ate/cleaned up after 6 meals, attempted to make brownies, had a few discussions, took a Titus photo shoot, did 2 loads of laundry and stood in the falling snow. We had fun. We want to go back soon. It's nice to have a little time away from the city life.

Titus looks like a little bug

Me and T by the fire

Playing with dad

A brisk morning on the deck

T and daddy going on a little exploration

Titus Bear's bare bottom on bear skin

The snow fell on us the few hours before we left. It was gorgeous.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Titus Tasting

Justin and I decided to see if Titus would like a little solid food. I mixed some brown rice cereal with breast milk. He definitely leaned toward the food and opened his mouth a little bit the first few spoonfuls. He then just wanted to touch and explore the substance rather than eat it. He preferred to just Taste it.

Over the next few days we repeated this process, but he still tightened up his lips so I could just barely slip the spoon in with a little food residue on it. I began to pull his chin open and put a spoonful in, which produced a few confused expressions. So, we decided to wait a while to try it again. Maybe in a week or two.

Friday, January 1, 2010

My Top Cell Phone Pictures of 2009

Here are my top 25 pictures from my cell phone of 2009! I love taking pictures with my phone. That's why I have about 1500 pictures on my phone right now. I narrowed it down to show you my 25 favorite. Goodbye 2009! Enjoy.

My nephew's haircut

Preggo DQ

Justin in birthing class

Preggo silhouette

My crazy hubster

Fortune one month before Titus' birth

Me and my Jo

First cell pic of my baby

His sleep smile at church

My precious bug

New haircut

Cute pose

Titus snugging with his friend Asher

Caleb with his weapon of choice

Snugging with daddy

First baseball game

How I do laundry

Bath time

Peed on the couch

My beautiful boy

Trans Siberian Orchestra

First time in the cart

First scarf on Christmas day

Cracking up

Loving my baby