Saturday, February 28, 2009

Found Funny Things

A few weeks ago Justin and I went to Alin Party Supply to kill a few minutes before we had to be somewhere. Justin always has these random fun ideas. So he said we each have 6 minutes to search around the store and find the funniest thing and then meet up in the back corner.

I went off and was feverishly searching for something that would make him laugh. I found this nerdy looking cat that would sing some oldies song when you squeezed his foot. Funny qualities of this cat included the fact that it's theme was random. It had a masculine bow tie and either a bow or a beret on his head, he had pink and purple colored feet which is more feminine, and a seemingly random song would play. I just marveled at the person who invented this and how they felt about society's need for this item.

My husband found a very funny item. This is very much my sense of humour. He found celebration sashes. One sash was for "Bride to Be" and the other was "Mom to be". They seem to be normal sashes until you look closer. 

The same woman is pictured on both packages. Same girl, same hair, same shirt, same sash position. The difference is that somehow one of this woman's identical photos is of her pregnant and the other is flat belly. Wow, the amazement of Photoshop! Now days, you don't have to go out a find a pregnant model or even take more than one photo to meet your advertisement needs. Technology just blew me away right there! I know the makers of the sash thought if they just changed the color of the sash no one would be able to tell it was the same girl. Tricky.

So, Congratulations to my husband for a fine game and for being the ultimate Funny Thing winner!

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Kim said...

That sounds like a fun game:) I love doing stuff like that. Funny thing I actually noticed that about that girl on those sashes when I was at Alin party supply recently getting stuff for a party. I love walking around the store and looking at everything it's such a random place!