Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Before Valentine's Day

These picture are not from Valentine's  Day. They are from the days preceding it. It is always fun to anticipate a fun Holiday. Here are some of my favorite pictures leading up to the big day.

Here is Caleb after being picked up from preschool and going through his bag of Valentines and Candy.

He even shared a sucker with me. Then he took my picture with great skill.

Here is Justin and Jo Jo at my aunt Joanie's house for a big feast with lots of family.

Here is the decorated table at the feast.

On Valentine's Eve Justin and I went to my parents house for dinner, babysitting and cookie baking. Here is my dad and Jo Jo.

Justin taking a big bite of a heart sugar cookie we made.

Look at all those crazy cookies

I have no pictures of actual Valentine's Day, but here is how the day went...
Justin and I slept in 
Pancake breakfast at home
Watched old tv shows
Lunch at Islands
Browsed at Borders
Watched more old tv shows
Dinner and icecream
Justin barfing all night long

Yes, Justin finished the day off barfing and being sick. It was so sad.


Andie and Charlotte said...

That's such a surprise ending to your Valentines Day... Terrible! I hope he's all better now.

Jessica said...

Sorry Justin was sick, but I love all the pics of Caleb and Jo Jo! I miss their sweet little faces.

Blythe Fike said...

sad, but funny, too...sorry, justin.