Monday, February 2, 2009

CBU Art Show: The People

Here are some more pictures from the art show. I had many wonderful family members attend to check out my art. 

Below is a picture of my dad, uncle and grandma as they deeply contemplate this piece.

Grace and Ian are pictured here discussing the configuration of the photo frames.

Here is Jo Jo giving me a thumbs up for a successful show (thumbs up not in frame)

Caleb got his nerd glasses out so he could fit in with the rest of the art nerds at the show.

Grace was so excited to be at the show that she forgot there was a cup of water in her hand and she splashed some water on these pieces of ceramic art. 

She tried wiping it with her hand, but brought out some napkins to finish the job right.

These are some of the people that made the art show special.

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