Saturday, February 7, 2009

How We Found Out

Here's the little story about how I found out I was pregnant and how I told Justin.

The background information is that this is our second pregnancy. We lost the first pregnancy at 7 weeks and had been waiting 3 months to try again. We, apparently, didn't try hard enough to wait because we got pregnant again about 2.5 months into our waiting period. So, that made our new pregnancy a little surprise... a very happy and welcome surprise.

Justin had no idea what was coming, but I suspected just a little. The day my period was supposed to come, I felt like my period was not on it's way. I nervously got out the 99 cent store preggo test I bought and tried it out. The results confused me even more. Below is a pic of the test that confused me (It's a typical i phone blurry close up pic). The line was so light, I was sure that it was a mistake. I honestly thought it was a water mark where the results normally show up. I called Blythe, my pro pregnancy friend, to help me clear up the matter. I emailed it to her and she was sure it was positive. 

I didn't want to get my hopes up until I tried a test that was expensive. I got out my brand name EPT and tried it when I got home from work. Waiting for preggo results kills me. It is so nerve wracking. So, the expensive test gave me the same result... a faint line. I immediately started thinking of cool ways I could tell Justin since he had no idea. He would be home from work soon so I ran around the house trying to figure out how to present him with the news. I got out our little piglet from D-land that I got right after my miscarriage and tied the preggo test in his arms. I stuffed it in a bag. When justin got home, I told him I got him a gift and he willingly accepted it. He opened it up and looked at me with a confused face and said "Really?". He was excited and shocked at the same time.

So, that's the story. I love hearing people's stories of how they found out and all the cool ways you can tell a dad. Right now I am 14 weeks and counting. I am so happy that it has gone well so far. Currently Justin calls our baby 'Lemon' since thats just about our baby's size.


Lynn Pham said...

Awww that just a bout is the cutest way I have ever heard someone tell their husband that they're preggo. =]

Melissa Navarro said...

That' so sweet Lindy. I'm glad everything's going well & I will keep you in my prayers!

This time I made John a video-slide show of our lives together, and at the end I typed "Can't wait to see our love continue to "GROW"..." and then put a preggo pic of me... then typed "...and GROW!" with another preggo pic...
Then I put a pic of our son holding a baby doll with the caption "Josiah is ready... are you?"
"Ready or not, here comes #2! Due March 2009"

He thought it was a belated anniversary present :D

Later that's how we told our family--we showed them the video. It was fun. :D

steelelove said...

Wow wowo wow!!! Congratulations! I am so excited for you... All those years spent loving on other peoples kids and now finally you'll have your own! With your great big heart that baby is so lucky to have you for a mommy!!! You'll be great I know it :) Congrats!!!

Amy Blevins said...

Hey Lindy,
I have something that I want to send you and the baby. Can you let me know where the best place to send it would be? I know that you are moving.
Amy Blevins

Kim said...

Awww that is a really cute way of telling him! I love hearing these kinda stories:)

Jaime said...

Cute story.

Jaime said...
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Jaime said...
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