Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jimmy Eat World

Back on December 25th 2008, Justin gave me concert tickets in a large stocking. The tickets were for one of my favorite bands... Jimmy Eat World.
They were playing at the House of Blues in downtown San Diego. 

We decided to make a weekend of it. Justin booked us a hotel a few blocks from the concert. The hotel was called The Sofia.

Our view. Yeah, it's all brick, but it was authentic cozy city. I loved it.

Here is a view from our seats at the House of Blues. We snagged some rad seats on the balcony. I appreciated not being down in the crowd so much because I can't stand for hours (preggo), it's hot & sweaty, and sometimes the crowd gets wild and pushy. I am lovingly accepting the fact that I am old and I don't need to be with the "cool kids" in the crazy crowd. I cozied up to Justin in our cushy seats and sipped a cold water while I watched the concert and I saw some pushy people in the crowd get taken out by the bouncer. It was interesting.

This is baby PRD's first concert. I was a little worried that our baby would be startled and confused by all the loud sounds and vibrations, but he/she handled it very well. I still put a coat over my belly to make a sound barrier.

This concert was awesome! Jimmy Eat World has been around for a while... about 10 years actually. Their first cd is called Clarity. This is their 10 year anniversary tour where they play the whole Clarity album in it's entirety. It was Great! If you haven't heard them... you would probably like them. You might want to check them out.

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holly elaine said...

Wow how fun! I love Jimmy!