Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Becca's Cookie Decorating Birthday

My friend Becca had a birthday party the other night. Her party included a cookie decorating contest. This brought out the competitive artist in everyone.

Justin and Andrew, Becca's Husband, were the judges. They came up with creative awards for everyone.

Here were all of the incredible cookie participants. The entries ranged from mini professional b-day cake, Dharma initiative hatch, turtle beach scene, and Sandals church building.

I made the bird. My award was "Best use of a plate". Hmmm, I think that award could have been used for any contestant since they all used plates...

This volcano entry got "Best use of time". This was appropriate because he put this together in 5 minutes while the rest of us worked on ours for more than an hour.

This is Becca and her "Best in Show" cookie creation. I am very impressed with her creative caterpillar.

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adventuresintrying.com said...

I was wondering whose party this was, having seen a few shots on Facebook last week.

Looks like fun! What a great idea for a birthday party!