Friday, January 29, 2010

The Cabin

Justin's Parents have a cabin in Idyllwild. We went up there for a little get-away.We stayed there Sunday evening till Tuesday afternoon. During that time we watched Lord of the Rings 2 and 3, Played Scrabble and Banana Grams, cooked/ ate/cleaned up after 6 meals, attempted to make brownies, had a few discussions, took a Titus photo shoot, did 2 loads of laundry and stood in the falling snow. We had fun. We want to go back soon. It's nice to have a little time away from the city life.

Titus looks like a little bug

Me and T by the fire

Playing with dad

A brisk morning on the deck

T and daddy going on a little exploration

Titus Bear's bare bottom on bear skin

The snow fell on us the few hours before we left. It was gorgeous.


Casey Angulo said...

Cute little naked tushie.

blythe said...

what a fun little family getaway...i love baby titus.

Lynn Pham said...

Naked baby on bear= incredible. Titus is so beautiful. =]

Krysten said...

love the "bear" bottom pic... and so jealous of your vacation spot :)

Claudia said...

what a little cutie! Love the pic on the bear! Thanks so much for taking pictures so regularly so that we can all see Titus' progress! Tell little Titus Bear that his GGM loves him! Love, GGM Claudia