Wednesday, February 3, 2010

That New... Old Theater

I got to swoop in on my brother in law's Christmas gift and take his ticket to see sheryl Crow with the fam. Josh was not back in town from his work trip that day so got to go to a great concert! Thanks Josh!

So, I was equally excited to see the new FOX Theater that night. I had never been inside it in my life. It was condemned by the time I payed attention to it and was intrigued by it. I'm so glad it is restored. It is such a city treasure.

The Sheryl Crow concert was it's Grand Opening besides the Gala a few weeks ago. Sheryl is the first musician that's been on that stage in many years.

This is a pic of my wonderful parents waiting for the show to begin. During the opening act, the people behind us were talking louder than the singer onstage. It was unbelievable for a while, but they seemed to keep it down for Sheryl. The guy next to me didn't have a problem "Shhhhhhh- ing" and telling them that they were rude. It was kind of entertaining in itself.

I just like Sheryl. She's a girl with a guitar.

I knew 95% of the songs she played just because they have been on the radio over the past 10 years. I don't own any of her cds, but I know her hits.

The crowd didn't start standing and noticeably rocking out to her music till the last few songs. Here is my fam getting into it and catching a groove.

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