Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Titus' Last Cutesy Halloween

This Halloween my plan was to purchase a costume for Titus to wear, saving myself time and energy. However, a few days before Halloween, I didn't have a costume and I realized my heart was set on making Titus be a sock monkey. I decided that this would be the last year that I could make Titus a CUTESY costume! This is the last year that he won't have an opinion and I'm going to take advantage of that! :)

At that point a ready made sock monkey costume would not get shipped on time and it was pretty expensive anyway. I told myself, if I go to Joann's Fabric and there is no sock monkey material, then I will just forget it. Well, I did find some awesome fabric so I just dove in. I used every spare moment of time (usually between the hours of  9pm and 4am) and I sewed away. I used online tutorials for making a hoodie sweater and Pj pants. It all came together and I was so happy to see the finished product. I felt like I graduated into that classic "crafty mom" role. Yay!

Titus with his sock monkey. Not only a pal, but also an inspiration ;)

I love this cute little pose. He seems so happy to be a sock monkey.

This is his determined sock monkey look.

Awww It's fall!

Sock Monkey with his awesome cousins, Ariel and Optimus Prime.

Justin went as a young boy with his favorite toy!

We went to the Sandals Church Trunk 'n Treat along with about 5,000 other friends and new people from the neighborhood! It was our first sunday at our own building so it was exciting :)


eddie said...

Nice work Lindy. Very cute. Can you make me one like that for worship next week?

Lindy PRD said...

I'm on it Eddie! One sock monkey outfit size: Large coming right up!

Kendrew said...

You did an awesome job on the costume, you guys are so creative. Love it!

Libby said...

Love love love your blog ! You have such a grateful heart of joy!!! I love you! Keep posting!

13 Stoploss said...

MrsPRD, I don't know you, but your husband and I go back almost twenty years. Anyway, I LOVE what you've done here and thought that you might also like to see what my wife does:

- jason