Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Black Friday Technique

I am no expert on Black Friday techniques. I've only attempted to get deals on this day a few times.

However, from my experiences (and long stretches of time thinking to myself as I waited in lines) I have deduced a few helpful tips for Black Friday shopping. By the way, I am not a hardcore, camp outside before it opens kind of girl. I'm a wake up around 5 or 6am and slip in to catch some deals person. That should give you some perspective on my tips.

1. Look at the ads in the paper and online and choose the main items you want before you go. You don't have time to browse if you have a lot of stores to go to. It's best to get in and get out. (clothing stores do require some browsing however)

2. Map out what stores you want to hit up in order of importance. Variables include Store open times, favorite items, items you know will go fast, sale ending times & location of stores.

3. Go with a friend. Lines can be long. To save time it's best to grab your main items and hop in line. Take turns with your partner standing in line as the other one shops to find their final deals.

4. Bring snacks & drink. If you are in a mall area where you can go from store to store quickly, you might be racing the clock as sales are ending. You may not have time to wait in the 30 min long Starbucks line for nourishment.

5. Stores like Target and Home depot seem to check you out pretty swiftly. I have found that clothing stores are super slow and backed up such as Gap, Old Navy, Express & Macy's. Be prepared.

6. Bring your iPhone or smart phone. There is plenty of time to check your FB status or read blogs while you wait to purchase your items.

7. Don't bring your kids. I don't mind watching YOUR kid lay on the floor and sob because they can't run around and pull stuff off the shelves. I just don't want MY kid to do the wet noodle and scream in my ear while I wait in line. Leave them with their toys and a guardian. You'll be happy you did.

8. When a clothing store has a sale like- 40% or 50% off Everything- and they don't have your size. Just buy any size and come back a week later when the shelves are restocked and exchange for your size. Worst case scenario is you have to return the item- No loss to you.

I think that's all I got. Did I miss anything? I hope this info only adds to the technique YOU have developed for Black Friday! Today, I only went to Gap, Baby Gap, and Macy's. I feel pretty satisfied. A salesclerk at Baby Gap said she has worked there 12 years and this is the first time Gap has offered 50% off everything. It made me feel good that I made the effort to get there because who knows when that deal will come again.

Also, The picture up top is not actually random. It's the 4th store I went black friday shopping at. It's a window of an antique store. Although there were no Doorbusters or even any sale prices, there was a lot of lovely things there and I had a great time collecting a few beautiful items. Antique stores are just my favorite :) Look how beautiful that handmade curtain is as the sun passes through it. It's like stained glass. Gorgeous.


Shan said...

those are some good tips...especially the leaving your baby at home one, alana's really good at the wet noodle move too. ;) btw, i LOVE that curtain too!

Anonymous said...

brilliant! love it, especially the part about watching someone elses kid screaming on the floor not your own. hilarious. those curtains are adorable. i want to find a place to put some like that :)