Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Wild Things

Halloween began with my nephew's Halloween parade. He does it every year at his preschool. Casey and I used to be in these parades when we were at this preschool too. So, Caleb is Luke Skywalker. He is just so cute!

Titus decided to dress up for the parade too. Too bad this October has been mostly 90 degrees. It was a little hot for his fuzzy Max costume. We stayed in the shade.

Later that night we went to Sandals Church Trunk n Treat. Justin made sure to go all out on him and Titus' costumes. He wanted them to be Carol and Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

The Costumes turned out soo cute. Justin's mom is awesome because she made it happen! Look how little Titus looks next to the big monster.

Here I am with them. I just dressed up like Max's mom from the movie.... or I kinda didn't have a costume. I was ok with that. My first year without a costume. It was actually nice to not have to worry about getting ready. I just got my boys ready.

Our friends, The Kowalski's, have a little boy too. Here are the dad's and their coordinating babies.

Titus had fun at Trunk n Treat. He didn't get much candy... I think it's because he can't say "Trick or Treat" yet.

Here is grandma CeCe. She is the amazing costume maker.

Papa Ron got to hold a sleeping Max during his nap.

Halloween was fun!


Angie said...

Justin and Titus look so cute together- I love that Justin looks like a huge monster next to tiny T. Love it! Still need to see that baby in person...amazing that it's been this long.

Jessica said...

Super adorable Linds! Great job Grandma!