Friday, December 11, 2009

Titus Likes To Skype

On Thanksgiving we were at Justin's parents house. We skyped with Heather and Cambry because they live in Connecticut. Titus really enjoyed skyping with his aunt and uncle. He kept reaching out to touch their faces.

It's cold so we're bringing out T's hats. I love this one. It used to be Justin's.

Titus got to hang out with his great Godmother, Claudia, all Thanksgiving weekend. He loved her so much he would just fall asleep on her a bunch.

Another Thanksgiving highlight was the time that Titus spent with Gramps. Gramps has had Alzheimer's for many years now. His words are limited and sometimes confused. When Titus hangs out with him his face gets bright and joyful. Gramps' agenda then becomes to entertain his great grand boy. He makes faces at Titus and funny noises. He says cute and funny phrases to him. Gramps just loves this boy. This picture shows one of the funny faces he would make.

Justin and I got to got see the Festival of Lights downtown at the Mission Inn. It was fun and cold. Most of Riverside goes to see the lights that night. I think there was like 20,000 peeps there that night. At least that is the rumor. Doesn't my husband have great eyebrows?

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