Monday, November 2, 2009

Disneyland and Raccoons

There were Raccoons in the street when we got home from D land. It's always exciting to see raccoons around the neighborhood. Usually they are running along the gutter, climbing a tree, or running for cover in a storm drain. Wood Streets are home to many raccoons and you can tell by the official "Raccoon Crossing" sign that is displayed a few streets away at a blind turn.

Justin and I thought it was cool to see the raccoons. There were four of them which is crazy. We parked on the street in front of our house because our driveway is being repaired by the city. The raccoons were close so justin tried to shoo them away before I got out. The raccoons wouldn't shoo so I stayed in the car. Justin got a flashlight and tried to scare them, but he resorted to the hose. Meanwhile the raccoons were hanging out by the car with me inside. They were right outside the door and we even have their muddy paw prints on the bumper of the car. The hose seemed to work, but not as well as you would expect. They still were trying to get past the spraying water to get close to us. Weird. So, two trips later with the baby and baby gear, we were inside safe from the determined raccoons.

It was actually funny to see the shock on Justin's face as the raccoons tried to charge past the shooting water

Here are two bad picture of the raccoons. There were four of them. You can see some glowing eyes. The blurry one has 3 sets of glowing eyes. Has anyone else had a raccoon experience like this?

Although the raccoons got crazy that night, we sure had a great time at D land! Here are some pic of us hanging out.

Titus hung out in the Moby.

Justin and Titus just wouldn't look at the camera!

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inquisitivesensitive said...

We had an experience like this too! Only they were attacking the neighbor's front door and I had to go chase them away. Sorry for the text being yellow, but I don't know how to change it... You can highlight it to make it readable. There are some pictures too!

Glad you got in the house safe!