Monday, December 29, 2008

A Special Shout Out To Caleb For His Birthday

My Precious Caleb turned 4 this Chirstmas Day. So,while we celebrated Christmas Day we also made it special for Caleb as well.

Before breakfast Caleb played with a blow up rat toy. I took a chance buying this cheap, ugly balloon rat, but it ended up being a hit with Caleb.

Caleb got his favorite kind of pancakes. The Mickey Mouse kind. He carefully ate the ears off and left the rest. 

We gave him the Eva toy for his birthday. He jumped for this one. He loves his Wall E stuff!

Look at this sweet picture of him in the rain with no shoes on. He didn't care. He just shook of the ocassional leaf that got stuck to his foot.

He got a Wall E themed cake and loved it!

We wore Wall E Goggles to get into the spirit.

Justin fought the little cowboys at our party!

Close call for Justin. This cowboy almost took him out!

Finally the cowboys were safely subdued!

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