Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Man Vs. Tree

The Christmas tree farm must begin with the candy cane. I had to ask Santa for this one because he didn't willingly offer it to me.

We spent some time scouting out our tree. We went deep inside the small forest. We found our tree, walked away from it, got lost, and came back to it. Then we cut it down. 
Notice Justin's relaxed face with his furiously blurry sawing arm.

Here I am posing like I am going to cut it down. Nope not this year, that was last year.

Look how cute we are. This is our second married Christmas together.

Here's the Real Deal. Man vs. Tree.

The tree Lovingly Conquered. 


Susie said...

Love It!

Kim said...

You guys are so funny! I LOVE the picture of Justin's had sawing the tree:) Oh and the christmas lights you guys hung look great!