Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Best Of Christmas Day

Christmas morning began with Justin and I opening gifts.

 I caught Justin's excitement as he opened up the electric blanket I got him.
(Despite what it may look like, Justin was pleased to get this gift)

Next we moved on to my parents house for our traditional Christmas breakfast. We always have eggs with ham and coffee cake.

Here is my G and G Ricker with Jo Jo.

Caleb had many different reactions to the 3 Wall E toys we got him. This one was the "No Way!" face. For the other 2 toys he had a delayed scream and a little jump.

These boys love their cut off gloves for the office (Their cold office)

Yes, The guys did somehow unwrap their potato guns and they shot them out in the street. They had a good time.

We went over to Gma Shoe's for lunch. 

Everyone exchanged handmade gifts which was really fun! Some of the gifts were crocheted scarfs/ beanie/ blanket/clutch purse, painted brush holder, collaged box full of guitar picks, painting, mini photo album, salad making kit, and more. This picture is of Justin opening up his gift of new black Converse with painted embellishments on them.
Around dinner time we headed to Justin's parent's house. We got to hang out with Heather and Cambry who are visiting from CT. Heather is opening a purse I sewed for her.

Justin's dad and brother checking out their new guns.

Cambry skillfully mastering the nose harp. He serenaded the family with many songs and even played for part of dinner.

Christmas Day was great for us! We are so blessed to have most of our family living in the same town so we can see many people we love on the same day. I am thankful that God provided for Justin and I this season and enabled us to have a great time making a lot of our gifts.

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