Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Best from Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve was nice. We started off at Justin's grandparent's house for some tasty tortilla soup.

Here we are hanging out with Gramps.

We headed off to the Mission Inn for dinner with my Grandpa Saunders and family. It is always good to see everyone and catch up.

Justin giving Jo Jo some love.

A cousin photo moment after the meal. 

Here is our classic Christmas pose in front of the tree.

Another adorable picture of us.

So, Santa came to my grandpa's house. The children were shocked, elated, excited, suspicious, and terrified.

Look at the terror on Jo Jo's face. I have never seen her cry like that.

Caleb even came to comfort her. He stroked her face and then resorted to covering her mouth. What a concerned brother.

Justin and I had a great time this Christmas Eve. We are so thankful for Jesus' birth and the sacrifices He made for us. We are also thankful that He gives us sweet joys of being together with family.


Marlene said...

That is a very nice picture of Justin and you and your grandpa. What a special moment. I miss my grandpa and wish that we still had family to get together with. Takes care and marry Christmas.

Andie and Charlotte said...

Oh man, I'm sorry we missed being there this year! Charlotte would have freaked out about Santa, too. She really likes him -but from a distance! Did you take pictures of what you made for the Xmas Xchange? I'm curious if you crocheted something. We had fun with our fam up here. I'll be sure to post pics soon. Merry Christmas!