Sunday, November 9, 2008

Getting Crafty At The Cabin

Justin and I went to his parents cabin for the weekend. 

We both got some crafting done. I only have pictures of one of the crafts that happened there this weekend. One craft deserves it's own post which will come shortly (with a video too) and the other is a gift for someone who could read this post and see their gift before Christmas.

I can't wait to post pictures of all the gifts I have made and will make this Christmas. I will have an after Christmas posting of all my creations!

So, here is my green jacket. It's nice and it's warm... it just has a few problems. The sleeve buttons keep falling off and they are a bit ugly anyway so I left them off.

Joanns was having a sale. 50% off buttons and I took advantage. I bought some new buttons for this jacket and put them on at the cabin. It took me about an hour and the jacket looked like new. And much more hip.

Detail shot of the nice buttons on the sleeves.


Andie and Charlotte said...

Cute buttons! Way to spice up an old relic. So thrifty and cool.

Marlene Steed said...

That is neat that you got that jacket second hand. It looks like a very nice jacket. My mom, sister nd I like to get second hand things also.One of our favorite things to do since we came to Colorado is go to Good will.