Sunday, November 2, 2008

Best Buds on a Warm November Night

Justin and I hung out with some of our best buds on Saturday night.

We went to Case and Josh's house. Blythe and Kirby got dropped off to have a little seasonal November hangout time. Blythe and I had plans to stoke the fire and have everyone get snuggly warm with the spiced cider.

It turned out to be a bit warm for that especially after eating Casey's delicious chicken soup. We were all fanning ourselves and sweating a bit in our attempt to celebrate the change of season. We had a great time though! We had great conversation and hung out with the kids and babies. It was fun!

Blythe on her way to the trash can. (You can read her blog on the link)

Caleb and Hero playing. Hero has a classic Hensley smile in this picture. She just looks like her grandpa!

Blythe and I taking a picture in the bathroom doorway.

Blythe and Hero changing the toilet paper for Case and Josh.

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