Sunday, September 21, 2008

Three Gallons of Iced Tea

My husband likes iced tea. He likes it so much that we removed a shelf from our fridge and bought a 3 gallon drink dispenser. 

Almost every weekend I make a whole three gallons of this stuff and put it in the fridge.
It takes a lot of hot water kettling and brita filtering.

This may add a little time to my schedule, but it truly saves a bunch of money. To make this amount it takes approximately $0.70 cents. The dispenser, which was $20 has definitely been paid off with how much we are saving.

 The tea bags are target brand big bags.
 This box costs $1.39 and you don't use the whole thing for one batch.

Now it feel like a rip to pay $2 bucks for one glass of iced tea in a restaurant


Casey Angulo said...

Now you just need to make a batch for my house.

Andie and Charlotte said...

It's a good idea! Kinda fun, looking in other people's fridges!