Monday, September 29, 2008

SCU Camping Retreat

For those who don't know already, Justin leads the college small groups at our church. I help him on Wednesday and Thursday nights as well. The group is called Sandals College United (SCU). On Wednesdays, about 16 small groups meet at one place to worship then break off into groups. Each group has a leader and the leaders go on a retreat about twice a year to connect and get refreshed.

So this time we went camping! Backyard camping that is. Usually we go to Justin's family's cabin in Idyllwild, but this year we chose area code 92504 in the Collier's backyard. They have an extreme and huge backyard so it was a blast! 

Here are some selected pictures to give a taste of the fun we had.

Here are the guy's tents all nestled up in the trees.

The yard has many fun things like a pool, zip line, pond, trampoline and volleyball court.

We also made our own fun with board games, slip n slide, bocce ball, watching Jaws in the pool at night....

... and Capture the Flag at night. This was done with only the light of the moon and the teams not knowing where their opponent's flag actually was. As you can see we are all wearing black (Amanda did finally get some black on). I gotta say I did not have high hopes for this game, but it turned out to be one of the funnest things we did. Also my team Won!! 

Justin and I by the pool. This was one of those pictures where Justin was so tired that he closed his eyes and opened them on the count of 3 for the picture. He looks really awake, but still cute at the same time.

Although we had a lot of time for relaxing and fun, we also got to worship and spend time with God. We prayed and meditated on his words. We were able to connect to Him as we took a break from normal life. I also got to know our leaders even better and loved spending time with them. I can't believe God blessed us with such great leaders! They are seriously Awesome!

P.S. Anyone college age out there? Come to our group on Wednesday nights at 6:30. I will hook you up with a rad leader who will encourage and challenge you spiritually. Check us out on facebook- search Sandals College United. Leave a comment if you want more details :)

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Lynn Pham said...

We should of had a slip and slide at the Collier house when we had small group there! Did you notice the common theme of jealousy in this and my prior comment? Haha, I love you.