Sunday, September 14, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting

So, Justin and I babysat my nephew and niece on friday night. It happened to be my sister and brother-in-law's 10 year anniversary. They went to Disneyland for an old fashioned date.

Our night with the kids was successful. Here are some of the evening events:
*Making organic mac and cheese for Caleb
*Watching Justin's first bottle feeding experience with Joelle
*An exciting Papa John's pizza delivery
*Putting Joelle in her Piglet jammies
*A bedtime devotional reading with Caleb about "Busy Beavers"
*Justin rocking Joelle to sleep
*Watching the new Vegas movie with Cameron Diaz
*Replacing a dropped pacifier before sleeping Joelle notices its gone

It was fun. Justin and I love to be the fun uncle and auntie.
Here are a few pics of the night

I handed justin the bottle and baby and he said, "How do I do this?"
How cute is that?

Justin multitasking. Ordering pizza online and baby holding.


Jessica said...

Yay, I can't wait for crafty posts!

Andie and Charlotte said...

Yay! I'm glad you have a blog! It's a great way to stay updated with you guys. Great pictures of Justin babysitting -so cute.

steelelove said...

Hey Lindy :) Good to see you on your blog :) I'm going to link you on my page. I hope all is well, so far your blogs are great...can't wait for the next one!

Ian said...

hey lindy!
im gonna be reading your blog now!

HeatherC said...

Welcome to blogging! Looks like you2 are naturals at this whole parenting thing! :)