Monday, September 29, 2008

The SLip N SLide

So, on our SCU weekend retreat we set up a giant slip n slide. Justin's wild idea, of course :) We rolled out three sheet of painter's plastic and the guys went crazy!

The classic slip n slide position. This was a rare occurrence. Most guys had a rough trip down. There were many bruises and bumps, but they still had fun!

Here is Justin sliding between the sheets

All the way to the end. This is also where Justin stood up and said, "Where's my Wedding Ring?". Yay! Let's have fun looking for his wedding ring along the slope of ice plants! (my sarcasm) Leo also announced that he too had lost his class ring.

We brought out the big guns thanks to Matt who's dad had a metal detector. After finding a coke can and a few other small metal objects in the ice plant, we finally found Leo's class ring! However, we did not find Justin's Wedding ring in the plants.

A little while later, Justin came out to the backyard with his wedding ring. He had wisely taken it off before the slip n slide and set it next to his wallet. Pretty smart, babe, but it helps if you remember when you do that kind of stuff :) At least it gave him the passion to find Leo's ring!


Claudia said...

Lindy, Cyndi sent me your blog address and I have so enjoyed reading it! What fun you are having! Try and keep Justin in line, ok? I know, it is a full-time job. But, I also know that you are up to the task and are enjoying it! :-) Love, Claudia

Tina hensley said...

Lindy, do you remember the giant slip and slide (complete with dishsoap) at First Baptist Riv, when you were little? We made in on the big hill in front of the church. xo Tina

Lindy PRD said...

Oh yes I remember that slip n slide! It seemed kind of normal for our families to do stuff like that at church :)