Monday, June 8, 2009

A Visit To Connecticut

A month ago we went to New Haven Connecticut to visit Justin's brother and his wife, Cambry & Heather. It was a fun trip and seemed too short.

Here we are posing on the beautiful Connecticut shoreline. That's the 7 month belly.

Heather and Cambry look nice against that classic Lighthouse background.

Sometimes when Justin and Cambry eat the same salad with the same hand you can tell they are brothers :)

We went on a harbor tour of the Thimble Islands. There were many gorgeous little houses (or Mansions) on almost all the islands. It was a beautiful foggy trip.

We love the timer feature on our cameras. The best way to get everyone in the shot.

Too bad Connecticut isn't just a little bit closer. We don't get to see C & H enough and Connecticut is a really beautiful historic place.


Amy Blevins said...

Hey Lindy,
You look really cute. You have not told us what you are going to name the baby and if you are going to have it in a hospital or not! Or when the due date is. I would really like more info on this.
Amy Blevins

Brands family blog said...

Hi Lindy! Thanks so much for the recent updates, I've been waiting eagerly for more belly shots! You're looking super cute! I'm glad we got to catch up on the phone the other night -thanks for so much for all the advice. Talk to you soon, Andie