Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Shower for Titus

By the way, our baby boy's name is Titus Bear. I will have another post on the significance of his name later.

My Showers were great. I had two showers for friends and family on the same day. It was a fun day. I am so glad I got to see everyone.

Some of the decor at my shower included a clothesline of Justin's old clothes. Justin's mom did a great job of saving his clothes so Titus is going to have some authentic 80's style for the first couple years. 

We also did some block painting. We got some natural wood blocks and everyone had a chance to paint their own design on them for Titus. Everyone did a great job making them look awesome! Later I will varnish them and Titus will have them as his personalized toy blocks.

Blythe did an awesome job reading a section of the book "Horton Hears A Who" By Dr. Suess. She cried both times she read it because this book is so great and meaningful. I cried too and had some mascara under my eyes the rest of the day. The book is special because Justin likes to read it to Titus. The story is awesome because there is this little guy that doesn't think his contribution would make a difference, but with convincing he helps save his little world. The book was passed around and everyone signed it with a special message to our little family.

We got some great gifts! Everyone was so generous to us. Titus got some awesome stuff that was handmade, super cute, and/ or off our registry. Titus has some good supplies now to start him off. We are so thankful for these sweet gifts.

At the end of the day I finally got a picture of my baby bump. This was about 33 weeks. 

Thanks to everyone who helped put my showers together! I feel so loved and am so thankful to have friends and family that love us.

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Lynn said...

I'm sorry I missed it. I have your gift still and figuring out a way to get it to youuuuuu. =] Hand painting those wooden blocks was a neat idea, you creative Lindy, you. Love you and hopefully see you soon.