Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Hillbilly Hoe Down

Last friday night Sandals college group and career singles decided to gang up and have a Hoe Down. We all dug deep in our closets and found our treasured hillbilly items.

We all had a darn toot' in good time. Everyone came and enjoyed the hot dogs and root beer floats. 

Justin and I all gussied up.

Look at this gorgeous arrangement of boots.

Some of our buddies, Andrea and Matt, even brushed their teeth for the event.

I caught Justin mid- line dance. Just kidd' in, Justin doesn't know how to line dance, but he sure knows how to kick up some dust with those boots of his.

Giving a kiss to my hunky hillbilly.

Justin swinging his partner round 'n round.

1 comment:

blythe said...

what an interesting maternity/prairie denim jumper dress!

you look awesome.

ps i cant WAIT to feel that baby move on saturday!