Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby Bump

Here is the baby bump. 

This was taken on Easter at 24 weeks. I am about 6 months and baby is just now sticking out in a noticeable way. Tight shirts show it off the best. Loose shirts just make people uncertain.

Here is a nice pre- baby family shot.

Here I am modestly defining the curvature.

Here it is in all it's glory as well as Justin in comparison. We both seem to be at the same stage.

I am enjoying being pregnant. It is weird to adjust to my changing shape and not being able to do things like I used to, but it is fun! Every week is different. Something is changing all the time and it is so exciting because it's all leading to something amazing. My life and body are adjusting in preparation for a great day when Justin and I can hold our very own son! I wouldn't trade my current situation for anything.

I do have a few of the typical pregnancy ailments at this point which makes it interesting. My newest issues are sore legs from standing, lower back pain, and limited sleeping positions. Other than that I really feel pretty good.

I want to throw belly update pictures on the blog every few weeks so stay tuned. Since my belly is changing in more dramatic ways, the pictures are getting more interesting.

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blythe said...

i love it!! you look so perfect:)
ps i have been waiting anxiously for belly pics..keep them coming!
love you!