Monday, April 13, 2009

Couple Shots From Easter


I think that title goes well with the above picture.

My nephew Caleb and my cousin's boy Sequoia were having a blast in the bounce house on Easter day. Joelle was enjoying the bouncing. She always wants to be where the action is.

Joelle explores the inflated slide. She learned to crawl a few weeks ago and she's taking advantage of her skills.

Look at these gorgeous Easter cookies. They tasted as good as they look. Soft, buttery, and sweet. Mmmm. I should have took one to go. My aunt Joanie and Krysta are responsible for these creations.

Easter is great for many reasons! One of the most awesome things about Easter is that we can be so grateful to God for making a way for our sins to be forgiven. Jesus sacrificed and suffered with us in mind. That is an amazing reality and I am thankful.

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Susie said...

Love the top shot! really captures the fun!