Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Balboa Park

Justin and I made a small vacation out of being in San Diego for the concert. We had the whole next day to hang around and have fun.

First we had breakfast at this little cafe called Saint- Tropez. The scrambled egg croissant sandwich was awesome and the coffee was impressive (seriously- I wish all coffee was like that... not even Starbucks equalled it)

Next we went to Balboa Park. We walked around and checked out museums. Here we are at the science museum. We built towers with blocks.

We pulled random words out of a barrel and made a sentence. We also saw an I Max movie called 'Wild Ocean'. They advertised it like it was about sharks and weird sea creatures, but it was really about sardines. More specifically, the plight of the East African sardines. We were a little disappointed.

Here's a nice picture of us at the Organ Theater. It's an old and gorgeous outdoor structure.

Later in the evening we had dinner and dessert with our friends Roberto and Mary Jo. They are getting married in August. They are great! We are so excited for them!

Here we are with our Italian cream sodas and cake. It was a lovely end to our evening. We had so much fun this past weekend and are so glad to get in some pre- baby vacation time. I am sure we wouldn't have been able to sleep in like we did if we had a newborn with us :)

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Blythe Fike said...

that coffee and those tall drinks look really delicious! so does the sound of that concert...playing the entire clarity album!? that must have been awesome. i bet baby liked it.