Sunday, August 16, 2009

Titus' First Bath

This is Titus' first bath.

He was born on a Sunday and we didn't get around to bathing him till Friday. He didn't even get a bath at the hospital so he pretty much was fresh from the womb all week. He didn't care.

Look at his sad little face.

This was a sponge bath because his umbilical cord was still healing. I kept a blanket on the parts of him that I was not washing so he could stay a bit warmer. He had some flakey skin so I spent some time scrubbing him with a wash cloth.

These are some typical cry faces he makes. I see these expressions every day (and night) when he is hungry.

Seriously, even his crying faces are cute. I just want to kiss his face when he looks like this.


Marlene Sreed said...

Titus is so cute. You look like you are enjoting him. Keep up the good work.

Angie said...

love it. can't believe you didn't bathe him for almost a week. nolan's grandma would have kidnapped him and bathed him without my consent.

Cheryl said...

Dear Titus,
I believe you will grow to love your bath time. :)
Baby bath pictures are my favorite! They always cry at first and them warm up later. And yes, he is very cute, even with the cry face. :)

blythe said...

his crying face is the best!!

tina hensley said...

oh man Lindy....I just got to these. Without telling the world - I was so freaked out when both my kids were little (newborn little) that I RARELY bathed them. They hated the water so much and I hated them being so fragile and wet. Anyway...they turned out just fine!!!