Sunday, August 23, 2009

He's A Little Guy

I know Titus won't stay tiny for long so I am trying to get a lot of pics of him at this small stage.

He was born at 6 lbs 12oz and it took him to weeks to get back up to his birth weight.

He's got
great expressions
awesome hair
blue eyes
big feet
sweet personality
squeaky cry
skinny thighs

He likes
his hands in his mouth
snugging on my chest
observing the world
sleep smiling
pursing his lips for kisses

I love his tiny body and sweet eyes. He is a very good boy.


Blythe said...

His thighs are the best!!! Little bear.

Lindy PRD said...

I know! I love his thighs!

Melissa Navarro said...

AWWW! LOVE IT! I call those "froggy legs"
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! It goes too fast!!!!