Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fireworks Bonanza

Our fourth of July celebration was great.

Justin got to try out his new water gun on the kids. He's a tough uncle.

I decided to have my mom take another belly update shot of me under the trees. This is 36 weeks. Titus is getting bigger by the day and he likes to let me mess with his foot when he pokes it out on my side.

A nice family picture.

Justin and I went over to our new house to see if we had a good view of the fireworks. The view was a little cut off by our neighbor's tree so too bad. Unfortunately we won't be putting lawn chairs in our front yard to watch the fireworks next year. The neighbor's tree was tall so justin sat up on the roof to see the fireworks better. Boys like climbing, you can see the smile on this boy's face :)

My family obtained some small explosives. We definitely enjoy the one day a year that it's acceptable to light things on fire in your front yard.

A spark on a stick.

Fire is gorgeous isn't it!?

Aunt Joanie and her ring of fire.

Frame around the belly.


Blythe Fike said...

cuties! you are looking ripe:)

Cheryl Culin said...

I love the fire around the belly picture. :) Woo hoo! Less than a month to go!

Angie said...

hey lindy, great pictures...looking forward to seeing titus! it will be soon :)

Leslie said...

You look so pretty in your belly pics. I hope to see you again soon - have more baby clothes for you. :)