Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Faucet!

Justin and I got a new faucet!! We have not installed it yet but we are so excited. 

This is going to make doing the dishes extra fun! I love that the sprayer pulls out to reach the whole sink. We are currently lacking the convenience of one of those.

We have a few things we want to fix around our house. We've been thinking of redoing some stuff in our bathroom including the bathroom faucet and bath tub. We have a pretty big bathroom with a storage closet, but I would rather tear down the closet wall and put in a claw foot tub. I want to replace the storage with a small armoire. Actually I can't wait to be able to tile the floor or walls in there. I know I could do a rad mosaic. So many ideas- So little time. I'll keep you updated on our kitchen and bathroom projects! I may even introduce a new blog that's just about Home Design stuff!


inquisitivesensitive said...
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inquisitivesensitive said...

looooove that sink! hey, we have a clawfoot tub that was still in its shipping crate that we found on our property when we moved in. we think its brand new; its just dirty from being rained on thru the crate it was sitting in(its in a covered shed now). we do have all the feet to it too but i think the rain may have damaged them a bit and dont know how easy/hard it would be to clean them up or replace them. let me know if your interested in it! we were going to put it up for sale online but havent had a chance yet.

-heather head (nicks wife)